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Placement for students for Jewelry Designers

Elegant Jewels is an Innovative Company, Founded in the early 2000, we engage in the Jewel business . we are wholesale jewelery distributors and Manufacture.We are the leading specialist in studded jewlery, our experience and flexibility add together as a competitive advantage.

Now We have open elegant institute of Gem & Jewelery, to share the hidden knowledge of Gem & Jewelery to explore more opportunity in this field.

Our institute also closely monitors the market needs and latest consumer trends in a wide range of countries in order to suit customer needs, this reflect in the lines of our design.

Our mission is to provide the best education service with our quality study materials and labs. We can also provide our expertise advice to each dedicated student. Being into jewelry business students can take advantage of our experience into this field.

Anwar Hussain - Director



Anwar Hussain, the Director with more than 10 years of experience in jewelry designing, manufacturing and sales, successfully operating in the Jewelry retail and wholesale fields.


He has obtained the highest possible certification in the jewelry industry.